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Logistics hotspot Venlo

Traffic Port Venlo is the gateway to Venlo, the lifeblood for logistics flows. In May 2016, the Venlo-Venray region was named the Logistics Hotspot Number 1 of the Netherlands for the ninth time.

Its geographical situation on road, water, rail and the close proximity of four regional and one international airport make Venlo successful. Besides its geographical situation and the facilities in the region, Venlo also scores top marks when it comes to the proximity of customers and suppliers, availability of labour, land, existing warehousing space and real estate costs, government flexibility and the quality of infrastructure.

Some key data:
•    50% of the total freight traffic between the Netherlands and Germany
•    70% of the total rail traffic from the Netherlands to Germany
•    58% of the total rail traffic from Germany to the Netherlands
•    75% of the total container traffic from the Netherlands to Germany
•    21,000 trucks cross the border in Venlo every 24 hours
•    11 million tonnes of goods every year cross the border by train in Venlo
•    80,000 containers a year are handled by ECT Venlo
Source: www.ondernemendvenlo.nl


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