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Driver training

Practical training in the area of traffic and road safety takes place on the specially asphalted site of TrafficPort Venlo. A hypermodern skid and test track, is often used for training for motorcycles, cars and trucks, as well as specialised professional groups such as drivers of ambulances, police cars and fire engines.

TrafficPort Venlo also offers a broad range of services and courses that are ideal for the transport and logistics sectors. Think about fleet management and track & trace systems and all the associated training. For internal logistics there are courses for forklift and reach truck drivers, which also focus on hoisting equipment and safety.

But TrafficPort Venlo offers more than just practical training. There are various classrooms for theoretical courses and training, so the theory can be dealt with before any practical training on the asphalt. There are also rooms to rent for special courses, such as further training for taxi drivers, truck drivers and ambulance personnel.


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